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you can only make a difference when you are seen by the people you can truly help!

  • Have you developed an online course but only a few friends bought it?
  • Or do you have a digital product to help you build your list but don't know how?
  • Or maybe you've it all, but you need to organise and offer a seamless customer's journey?

What if I told you that there was a highly effective way to do all of this, and more!

The Secret is Sales Funnel!

Sales Funnel Mock-ups

What is a sales funnel? 

A sales funnel (customer funnel or purchasing funnel) is a series of web pages designed to take your buyers on a predetermined path to do something step-by-step. It pictures the hypothetical customer journey towards the purchase of a product from awareness to action – like a website with superpowers.

Sales funnels nurture your future clients from first contact through purchase with an effective, highly converting process. They’re the ideal way to direct your audience to the products they’d specifically be interested in, making them 10X more likely to buy from you!

A sales funnel has several steps which differ depending on the particular goals you want to reach.

  • If you want to offer a free planner, or eBook, related to your products or services, in exchange for an email address so you can build your list with quality leads, you will use a lead generation funnel.
  • If you are selling a course, you might look at a webinar funnel or a drip content funnel.

Whatever your goals are, I can help you chose the type of funnel you need, plan it, build it, and optimise after so you hit a higher conversion rate.

What are the benefits of a funnel for your business? 

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Increase Conversion Rate

When people move down a sales funnel, their number will reduce, but the people who stay are the ones who are more likely to pay for your offerings. This means that non-targeted individuals will simply be filtered out by the funnel. The ones who stay are going to buy more thereby boosting conversion rate.

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Sales Prediction

With a sales funnel, a business can predict its sales volume because it shows with detailed data for each sales stage how many customers move onto the next stage. It's how we can increase the conversion rates, and subsequently the revenue.

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Identify Problem Areas

Sales funnel can help in identifying products or services that are problem areas. When potential customers exit the sales funnel, you can trace it to the stage they left, and this reveals the cause. This data will help you in deciding whether to change the products/services to improve sales, or remove them out completely to minimise costs.

Imagine having this automated high-converting sales system in your business. How would it feel like? 

What can I do for you? 

  • Full-mapping of your client's journey
  • Helping to craft your irresistible offer
  • Designing the perfect landing page
  • Creating a delicious and sexy funnel
  • Integration and automation
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Optimising your content
  • Create Traffic such as Facebook Ads
  • And much more ...

How much it cost? 

Fees will depend on what you are looking for. 

Much like a mechanic, a doctor, or a dentist, it’s difficult to know which treatment is appropriate without knowing the diagnostic. This is why all funnel packages start by a strategy session that will help us define your offer, your value ladder, the type of funnel you need, the timeline, and your business. 

All packages include the page design, all the tech to set up, and testing of your funnel. 

Funnel package starts at €1500, the time frame for a funnel is between 4 and 12 weeks.

You can view some of my previous project here.

What if help you 5X your income within the next 4 months?

Would you take me upon that offer? 

This is for you if you are a solopreneur, a course creator, or a coach who: 

  • Has a business with a clear vision.
  • Has products and/or services ready to sell.
  • Understands this is a collaborative project and is excited working as part of a team.

This is NOT for someone who:  

  • Is not interested in participating in the planification process
  • Doesn't have anything to sell or something that can be turned into a product
  • Is shopping for bargains; this is the wrong place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I started my online journey building WordPress websites, then specialised into funnels.
Trained and mentored by experts:

  • Been a member of Julie Stoian paid coaching’s program since 2016. Julie has built a 7-figure business through funnels and is a former ClickFunnels business partner.
  • Selected out of 300 applicants to be one of the 80 interns of the CF Design Academy 2018 with Chad Thibodeaux. Chad is Top 10 ClickFunnels Designer (had clients such as Russell Brunson, Joel Erway).
  • Studied all Russel Brunson's paid courses. 

I understand! When you are looking to hire someone, you are looking at 3 things:

- Fast
- Well-executed
- Cheap
But you can rarely, very rarely, have 3 of them. It's most likely that you will have two of them.

So if you are the type of shopping for bargains; you are in the wrong place!

I know my worth, I'm an expert. I offer my knowledge, my skills, and years of experience. As my testimonials prove it, I served hundreds of happy business owners. I'm confident that I will deliver high-quality work and fast.

That's ok! Create a funnel strategy, build the funnel, and optimise it can overwhelm, it's why I'm here for you! 

After our Power House Consultation, everything will look perfectly clear to you. 

It's not an issue at all! No project is too small. I offer Tech Virtual Assistant services, we can create a bespoke package. 
Click the “Let's chat now” button below and book a free 15 min consultation. 

It's totally fine!

I offer a few solutions:

  • I provide you with a questionnaire related to your sales copy. You give it back to me completed and I will provide you with a sales copy draft for your review.  
  • I work with copywriters specialised in conversion copy. I can definitively include the fees in my proposal. Condider it done for you!  

Fantastic! Let's start with the most important project, the one that will move the needle forward.  
Sound good?

I understand and you have a great point; it's difficult to trust a stranger, especially with our business, which we consider like our baby.
It's why I offer a free discovery call so you can share your thoughts and judge if we are on the same page. I'm known for being very direct; I wouldn't lie just to get a new client. If I can't do it, I will say so.

Click the “Let's chat now” button below and book a free 15 min consultation.