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Digital Marketing Strategy


I’ll take over the tech & strategy so you can

focus on what you love to do


Sales Funnels

Do you struggle to go from your ideas to a strategy that will convert your ideal clients?

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the perfect strategy that will convert your audience into faithful clients on autopilot.


Gain clients and increase your bottom line with your online presence without all the headaches.


You can finally have that website you’ve been dreaming of to show off your business!

Tech Support

Are you feeling overwhelmed by technology? Confused with all tools that are out there?


I eat Tech for breakfast! Let me take take the headaches away from you so you can focus on what you love the most: your business

Video Creation

Do you feel worried when it comes to share your story, your message or by the camera?

Video Creation

Our custom videos will showcase the perfect story that will make you stand out from the crowd for your audience.

What my Clients Say

“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” – Oprah Winfrey

When I first brought my request for an influencer list and direction for a social strategy to Sabrina, I admittedly had two completely different projects I was working on. Explaining them to Sabrina, I felt like anyone would have been wondering what the heck I was talking about because they were so vastly different. But that didn't matter one bit. She got me. Sabrina took both concepts, broke it all down, discovered the influencers that I could connect with, the relevant hashtags that would reach my audiences, provided research to support her findings, as well as provided instructions for best combinations and approaches. After going through the lists, I knew that she had nailed it. I would definitely go back to Sabrina again and again for these projects because she knows where to go to find what I need. That means the world to someone like me that has so many moving parts in my business.
Sarah McArthur
Sarah B. McArthur
DM & Web Designer
"Sabrina went over and above to help me put together a short video for my content marketing business. She created several professional-quality intros and outros for me to choose from and then seamlessly inserted my message.I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, which totally reflects who I am as a person. She nailed that part exceptionally well!Beyond her creative skills, which are incredible, she's a good person with a kind heart and I'm very grateful our paths crossed. Thank you again Sabrina, for all you've done!"
Honey Wesley - Copywriter
Honey Wesley
Marketing Copywriter
My biggest concern was tackling each social media task properly. Every platform works differently and the rules always seem to be changing. As a business owner, I need to focus on building personal relationships with clients and vendors--not spending hours behind the computer each day posting to my social media profiles. My favorite part of working with Sabrina was watching her take something complicated and execute it perfectly, saving me precious time. I would recommend Sabrina to anyone, and I'd say she is knowledgeable, sharp, and extremely good at what she does.
April Swales
April Swales
Owner, Travel Consultant

Why Choose Me?

My mission is to help my clients exceed their online goals in every endeavour. I only bring solutions!

My promises to YOU is to create a better tomorrow with authenticity and dependability. I’m all for you starting or growing your Business beyond an unimaginable height.


I will bring consistency and quality in my work; I don’t believe in fast and cheap. I'm dependable; your time and mine are money! I will make you happy today; I will focus on making your tomorrow better.


Delegate your side projects to the experts, Then focus your genius on your business! I work around your schedule to provide the services you need.


I won’t help you just today; I will create the path for your future. I'm capable to see each little detail and bring them to life within the big picture. I will help you create the blueprint of your online future.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Cost Saving

Pay for the project, not the employee! Save the money you'd spend on traditional expenses and reinvest in your business much faster. You can save up to 20-30% on your payroll by hiring a contractor.


Streamlining your business strategy allows more time for what you love. Now you can take the reins and concentrate on your future.


I don’t borrow ideas from others; I have plenty of them! I'm honest and forthright in everything; My passion is to help people, create an honest relationship with a no-BS policy. What you see is what you get, so get ready to handle the truth!

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