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How to create a Facebook Group in 2018 (Video walkthrough.)

How to create a Facebook Group in 2018 (Video walkthrough.)



Hi, my name is Sabrina I’m a digital marketing strategist, and I welcome you in my series “How to tools.”

Today we are here to learn how to create a Facebook group. It’s not very complicated. It’s got just a few changes that were made by Facebook recently so we can go through them today.

Where to start:

To create a new group, you will have to go to your Facebook group sections on your Facebook account (left sidebar on your Facebook feed.)

When you are on your group page, at the top right, click on “create a group.”

In the pop-up write:

  • Name of your group
  • Add at least one person
  • Choose the privacy of your group.

If you are creating a public group, anybody can join the group at any time and anybody without joining will be able to see all the members, all the posts of your group.

The decision will be depending on what are the goals of your group and what you are using it for.

You can have a closed group, which means when somebody will find your group names by searching on Facebook, he will be able to see the description of your group, but they won’t be able to see the post, the members that are inside.

The last type of group is a secret group which means that your Facebook group won’t appear on Facebook search and you will have to share the link for people to join it.

Moderate the group section:

  • Schedule and manage your posts.
  • Members requests: see who want to join your group, who they are, etc.
  • Notification settings
  • Create the group rules
  • Reported by members
  • Spam post flagged by Facebook

Edit group setting section:

  • Description
  • Group type
  • Add linked pages
  • Branding colour of your group
  • Membership Approval
  • Posting Permissions

How to:

  • Facebook group cover picture

The size of the picture is 820×312. However, Facebook won’t show it all and to be mobile responsive, you will have to put your content in a box 660×251

  • Create questions to approve members request

You can add up to three questions that people need to answer to join your group.

  • Create units:

Units are like the category for your posts. It’s an easy way for you to organise your content so your members can easily find resources.

In the video, I show you how to create the different units and the content for each unit.

  • Pinned post

In a group, the pinned posts can be found now under Announcements.

  • Group insights.

In this section, you can read all the analytics for your Facebook group from posting to request to join, etc.

If you like this video, feel free to join my YouTube channel for more here or visit my blog regularly.


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Sabrina is a Digital marketing Strategist who currently lives in Ireland. Sabrina is French and spent most of her life travelling. When not helping businesses and online entrepreneurs with their online sales and overcome their fears of technology, she enjoys cooking and gaming.

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